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Best Persian Empire Documentary

Although slightly denied the grace of Hollywood, the Persian Empire Documentary list is not at all lacking. There have been many critically acclaimed documentaries about Persian empire throughout recent times on the greatness as well as the fall of the Persian Empire. Almost all major aspects of the Persian Empire have been taken care of in these documentaries from the rise of Cyrus the Great to the sacking of Persia by Alexander.

Each one was of course a well researched Persian Empire Documentary but as with any thing, some will definitely stand out better than the rest. This article is a review of the best Persian Empire documentary based on its main subject.

Best documentary based on all aspects of Persian empire:

There have been a few of these documentary but the best Persian Empire documentary based on all the aspects of the empire has to be one that is called 'The forgotten Glory of Iran'. This is a documentary based on the glory of the ancient Iranian or Persian empire with all its unimaginable advancements and eye opening grandeur.

The documentary is basically a narrative on the spotless system of the ancient Persian Empire and the subsequent fall in later days. The narrative is highly informative and appealing and the facts are very legitimate and engrossing. This is a Persian Empire documentary based on all aspects that sets itself apart.

Best documentary based on a character:

The Persian Empire documentary based on an individual's life such as a king or general or a popular figure has to go to 'Finding Cyrus the Great'. This documentary is based, as the name states, on the life of Cyrus the Great who was the founder of this great empire. He was an unmatched ruler with eye both for consolidation and expansion at the same time and this documentary does great justice to those qualities.

The documentary is something of a finding-your-way sort of a documentary and goes on to add all the different characteristics of the empire along the way of life of Cyrus the Great. This is definitely one for the ages.

Best documentary based on fall of the Persian Empire:

A climactic part of the history of any nation or empire has to be the fall. This is no different for the Persian Empire which had its final falling at the hands of Alexander the Great of Macedonia. The Persian Empire documentary that deals with this aspect best is definitely an underrated feature known as 'Fall of Great Nations: Storm over Persia'.

It deals with the successive and violent rise of Alexander and his conquest and unification of Persia under his banner. Although truthfully speaking it is from the point of view of Alexander, it is still a very vivid description of the fall of the Persian Empire.

Best documentary about society of the ancient Persian Empire:

The Persian Empire documentary that deals best with the societal aspect of ancient Persia best would have to be 'The Persian Empire' of 2003. It is a simple narrative on the whole of the Persian Empire's history but the main spotlight is on the change of societal structures of the nation through the timeline. This is a quality very rarely seen in a Persian Empire documentary.

This site covers all areas Persian Empire History Facts. Besides the popular Persian essays like rise and fall, leaders, society, economy, Inventions, Religion, it also covers several other areas like comparison with other empires.

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